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Welcome to the website of the Denis Hurley Centre (DHC). This major new centre is under construction at Emmanuel Cathedral, Durban, South Africa, on the site of the Parish Centre which has been demolished.

Our new website replaces two websites: www.archbishopdenishurley.com and www.denishurleycentre.co.za . Please note that we have transferred all the material from the Archbishop Hurley website onto the DHC website.

We would like to thank Fr Sylvester David OMI, President of St Joseph's Theological Institute at Cedara, for "housing” the Archbishop Hurley website at the Institute and for allowing their webmaster to look after the Hurley website as well. Many thanks to Fr Neil Frank OMI and Greg Beyrooti who have done this work faithfully for the past few years. We also thank Rob and Hilary Ingles and Tash Naidoo, all of JiveMedia, who were responsible for the original design of the Archbishop Hurley website. This has served us well but for reasons of cost and efficiency, we have combined the two websites into one.

The webmaster for the new DHC website is Jean-Marie Ntamubano, who manages our temporary accommodation at the Surat Building at 137 Dr Goonam (Prince Edward) Street.

We would also like to thank Peter Ducray and his colleagues at SA Web Design for designing our new website and doing it at a specially reduced fee. We are most grateful.

To all who visit this site - please let us know what you think of it and pass on any suggestions about the sort of information you are looking for.

1 is Emmanuel Cathedral
2 is the site of the old Parish Centre which will be replaced by the Denis Hurley Centre, which is being built on the same site.
3 the Juma Musjid complex. These two great faith centres have happily co-existed for over a century.
4 is Denis Hurley Street (formerly Queen Street).